At our foot spa and nail salon, your health and safety comes first.

Air Quality

Our State of the art make up air unit suck out all of the fumes and bring in 100% fresh air. Abosulutely NO recirculated air.


A medical grade autoclave sterilizer is used to steam sterilize all metal instruments after each use at 250°F. Follows by UV Steralizers.

Pedicure Chair

Our pipless pedicure chair offers the best to be had in sanitation.

Disinfecting andf Sanitizing Pedicure Chair

Antibacterial soap is used to clean the surfaces and foot basin, rinse with clean water, and completely drains out. we then follow by disinfectingg with EPA Hospital Grade Disinfectantthat will kill 99.9% of germs and viruses in 20 seconds including; Swine Flu Influenza A (H1N1), (HIV-1), and "Athlete's Foot" Fungi.

Complimentary Accomodations

60" LED screen TV
Tempered make-up air unit bringing 100% fresh air

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